How To Tie A Snapper Rig & Mulloway – Tips For New Anglers In Melbourne

tie a snapper rig
These come in three sizes; 4/0, 5/0, and 6/0. Tying the Knot How to tie a snapper rig will significantly increase your chance of improving your catch. This includes the hooks you need and other tips to help you catch a Port Phillip Bay Snapper. First, cut a meter and a half of 40lb leader. Weave it through the eye and make a loop. Grab this loop and make another until you get a figure eight. Take the end and twisted through that second loop about six to eight times. Lubricate the knot and pull the leader to snug down the knot. This is the popular union know which is one of the best knots you can use in fishing. Feed the second hook through but leave some room. This is called a quick snell, and you want to wrap the line around the hook until it's nice and tight. Then run it back through the eyelet and pull it as close as you can. You can add a lumo bead or a size one bullsinker to finish it up. Features These snapper snell hook rigs are prettied 40lb twin suicide red sharpened hooks. They have a chemically shared hook rigged on 50lb leader. This new rig features improvements for the past 2019 snapper season and today’s fisherman. The rig can enhance your chances of catching a red snapper with the induction of the 50lb leader. The Port Phillip Bay Charter Special Rig utilizes this leader to get those strong bites and is strong enough to fish through the entire season. One of its exciting features is that they offer the octopus design with a straight shank. It gives an enhanced catch rate and is considered a great part of tackle and fishing needs. Chemically Sharpened Like other hooks by Reedy Rigz, these are also treated with a particular chemical to keep them sharpened. This process utilizes an acid or chemical solution on the metal hooks to hone the end rather than other mechanical means. This allows a thinner point to hook the fish and a smaller barb size. Teflon Coating Process Like other hooks in the Reedy Rigz line, these hooks are Teflon coated to extend the life and overall performance. The coating also helped with enhancing the hook penetration abilities and provided a much lower amount of friction. This means that less force from the fish’s bite is needed for the hook to penetrate. Fishing is a significant hobby or sport for many people around the world. Reedy Rigs offers excellent tackle to help fisherman improve their skills on the open water. Even if you’re only into it for the hobby, the right hook can always help increase your catch rate and enhance your satisfaction for the sport. The Reedy’s Rig Running Snell Hook will work for many of your fishing needs, and its superior performance is one you can trust.

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