Relax Go Fishing charters My Experience and Review

relax go fishing charter

Fishing has always been an excellent pastime for my family and me. Growing up, my brothers and I would always grab our polls and head to lake and relax by the shore, hoping for a bite. I’d bring my guitar and occasionally strum a few notes in hopes the music would provide a siren call for the fish. If only that were the case!
I always spent time looking for new places to fish. Either to cast the line and relax or to feel the exhilaration of the sport. As much as I loved watching the hypnotic waves of the water or the sound it makes as it laps upon the shore, the thrill of the catch gets my heart pumping.
Since I love to travel, I looked around and found, Relax Go Fishing during the summer of 2018. They are a kick-ass team of qualified staff who use their years of experience in the water and knowledge of fishing in the Port Phillip Bay. All I can say is that these people are truly fantastic.
They have a pretty awesome sense of humour and enough personality to allow an American like myself to tag along on what I can only say is the best fishing trip ever. They were friendly and made me feel confident enough that I could catch something big, which I did by the way.
I took a charter on the boat, Charisma. To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect, the team handled everything well, and the ship was amazing. It was thirty-three feet of comfort and reliability. Of course, I may have been too excited to care as I was looking forward to catching something to brag about on Facebook.
Me and my brothers were able to move freely around the boat and ate our fair share of BBQ. The crew was just simply amazing. They made me feel like part of the team and made sure I was fully prepared for the charter. To be honest, I was surprised we were able to drink a few beers, but everyone stayed professional, and light and the laughs and excitement never stopped.
Relax Go Fishing provided everything for us on the trip. This included all the equipment not to mention food and drinks. The view of the ocean was fantastic and breathtaking, the people were excellent, and the fishing was superb. My brothers caught their fish before me like family traditional. Growing I would always catch something last. This time though, I got the biggest snapper I’ve ever seen!
Between the sun, water, scent of the ocean, the fantastic team at Relax Go Fishing, not to mention the ride on the Charisma, the trip was more than worth it. The team here are worth their weight in gold and provided a fantastic experience with memories and photos for years to come. I wasn’t just treated like a customer or client, but like family. It was more than a fishing trip, but a reunion of kindred souls on a journey of a lifetime.

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